Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Constantin Alajálov: Midnight Approaching

It's that time again....

Constantin Alajálov, The Saturday Evening Post, January 1, 1940


The Attempted Bloggery Year-End Link Index for 2014

After three and a half years of blogging pretty much every day, I find it has become somewhat difficult to navigate the blog's extensive archives. Therefore, as a public service to those who don't know their way around this blog as well as I do, I have put together a handy group of links. Now it should be easier to search the blog by artist or other relevant criteria. The links here are far from exhaustive, but they at least should be able to get you started exploring the archives.

New Yorker Artists
Charles Addams
Daniel Alain
Constantin Alajálov
Ed Arno
Peter Arno
Andrea Arroyo
William Auerbach-Levy
Istvan Banyai
Perry Barlow
Charles Barsotti
Ralph Barton
Charles Baskerville
Abe Birnbaum
R. O. Blechman
Harry Bliss
David Borchart
George Booth
Oscar Cesare
Roz Chast
Tom Cheney
Seymour Chwast
Nate Collier
Frank Cotham
Miguel Covarrubias
Michael Crawford
R. Crumb
Leo Cullum
John Cuneo
Whitney Darrow, Jr.
Joe Dator
Chon Day
Robert Day
Peter de Sève
Abner Dean
Richard Decker
Eldon Dedini
Paul Degen
Matthew Diffee
Liza Donnelly
Leonard Dove
J. C. Duffy
Alan Dunn
Roger Duvoisin
Edna Eicke
Gürbüz Dogan Eksioglu
Ian Falconer
Joseph Farris
Ralph Fasanella
Michael ffolkes
Liana Finck
Ed Fisher
Jean-Michel Folon
Carl Fornaro
Dana Fradon
André François
Edward Frascino
Andy Friedman
Drew Friedman
Alfred Frueh
Felipe Galindo
Mort Gerberg
Arthur Getz
Herbert Goldberg
Edward Gorey
Sam Gross
Kaamran Hafeez
William Hamilton
J. B. Handelsman
Frank Hanely
Charlie Hankin
Alice Harvey
Larry Hat
W. E. Heitland
John Held, Jr.
W. E. Hill
Al Hirschfeld
Syd Hoff
H. O. Hofman
Helen E. Hokinson
Oscar Howard
Albert Hubbell
Rea Irvin
Carolita Johnson
William Joyce
Maira Kalman
Zachary Kanin
Paul Karasik
Ilonka Karasz
Eldon Kelley
I. Klein
B. Kliban
John Klossner
Bob Knox
Edward Koren
Anatol Kovarsky
Ken Krimstein
Gary Larson
Alfred Leete
Robert Leighton
Arnie Levin
Eric Lewis
Lee Lorenz
Jacques de Loustal
George Luks
Gus Mager
Kenneth Mahood
Henry Major
Bob Mankoff
Marisa Acocella Marchetto
Charles E. Martin
Henry Martin
Michael Maslin
Richard McCallister
Richard McGuire
Dorothy McKay
Donald McKee
Will McPhail
Eugène Mihaesco
Warren Miller
Joseph Mirachi
Frank Modell
Wallace Morgan
Vasco Mourão
Lloyd B. Myers
Einar Nerman
Christoph Niemann
John Norment
Paul Noth
John O'Brien
Richard Oldden
Everett Opie
Corey Pandolph
Bruce Petty
Mary Petty
Ethel Plummer
Garrett Price
George Price
Gardner Rea
Donald Reilly
Paul Reilly
Mischa Richter
J. P. Rini
Victoria Roberts
W. Heath Robinson
Ray Rohn
Carl Rose
Al Ross
Herb Roth
Charles Saxon
Gerald Scarfe
Benjamin Schwartz
Ronald Searle
Jean-Jacques Sempé
Maurice Sendak
Danny Shanahan
George V. Shanks
Barbara Shermund
David Sipress
Barbara Smaller
Claude Smith
Otto Soglow
Edward Sorel
Art Spiegelman
Ralph Steadman
William Steig
Avi Steinberg
Saul Steinberg
Peter Steiner
Hans Stengel
Mick Stevens
James Stevenson
Lauren Stout
Richard Taylor
James Thurber
Barney Tobey
Tom Toro
Mike Twohy
Mark Ulriksen
P. C. Vey
Frank Viva
Liam Francis Walsh
Arthur Watts
Robert Weber
Leonard Weisgard
Christopher Weyant
Shannon Wheeler
Gilbert Wilkinson
Garth Williams
Gluyas Williams
Wilton Williams
Gahan Wilson
Bernard Wiseman
Michael Witte
Lawson Wood
Jack Ziegler

Cartoonists, Comic Strip Artists, Comic Book Artists, and Animators
Tony Abruzzo





Entertainers and Personalities
Kristin Chenoweth
Harry Houdini
Edward, Duke of Windsor

Favorite Subjects
The Algonquin Round Table
Art Glass
The Belvedere Torso
Cartoon Caption Contests
Children's Books
The Dutch Treat Club
Fortune Cookies
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MoCCA Fest
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Preliminary New Yorker Cover Art (Roughs)
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June 25, 2016 Update:  This index is no longer being updated. The blog's new fifth anniversary index may be found here.