Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ronald Searle: Santa at the Shrine

What does Santa Clause do in the off season? Here he ventures to warmer climes and finds his way to a Santa shrine with the help of a guidebook and a perplexed reindeer. Ronald Searle pencilled in the whole sheet but inked only the intrepid travelers. Why did he abandon this? Could there be a problem with this audacious composition? If so, what? Searle went on to use the other side of the sheet and left this little gem in its unfinished state with his stamp (dated 1998) and an inscription.

December 21, 2014 Update:  Matt Jones has found an image of the completed artwork! It may have been published in the New York Times Book Review of September 7, 1997. Read more about it on Perpetua, the Ronald Searle Tribute blog.

Note:  Ronald Searle could hardly touch pen to paper without creating something sensational. Check out all the blog posts in the archives.

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