Friday, December 12, 2014

The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons Signed by Four New Yorker Cartoonists

An extraordinary copy of The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons (2000) was sold last month on eBay and is worth looking into. The book is signed and inscribed by no fewer than four New Yorker cartoonists, each of whom contributed a drawing. The cartoonists are Roz Chast, Edward Koren, Arnie Levin, and Danny Shanahan. Danny Shanahan's drawing is appropriately political while the other three cartoonists do pretty much their own thing.

The eBay seller's item description notes one drawing, not four, misspells Koren and signed, and omits cartoonist Roz Chast altogether. It lists the condition as new where there is obviously some wear to the lower edge of the dust jacket. Otherwise, it's pretty darned accurate. The book had been listed for the better part of a year with a Buy It Now price of $500. It sold with the Make Offer option for $250. The seller is evidently the original recipient or a relation.

Michael Witte, The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons (2000)

The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons signed, inscribed, and illustrated by four New Yorker cartoonists. Clockwise from top right, a politician irritates both Democrats and Republicans inscribed "For Richard—/All the best./Danny Shanahan," a fish eyes a set of golf clubs inscribed "For Richard Pepitone/with best regards/Edward Koren/9-27-00," a family of three inscribed "To/Richard/Pepitone/Cheers!/Roz Chast," and a cat and a dog inscribed "Best—/Richard/Arnie Levin."

The EBay Listing as it appeared in March or April 2014

EBay Item Description
EBay Listing Ended November 26, 2014
The Accepted Best Offer:  $250

Note:  This is the best copy I've ever seen of The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons or indeed of any of the themed collections put out by the Cartoon Bank. It's hard to imagine there aren't other copies somewhere out there with original drawings of equal interest. Attempted Bloggery is always eager to show off great keepsakes like this tucked away in private libraries. Share one here and you can even choose to remain anonymous, unless your name happens to be written all over the place like Richard Pepitone's.

While your scanner is warming up, be sure not to miss Attempted Bloggery's virtual collection of signed books with original drawings,

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