Monday, December 8, 2014

Saul Steinberg's Santa for Hallmark

Saul Steinberg designed a number of Christmas cards for Hallmark in the 1950's. Three copies of one of them showed up on eBay some months ago.

Saul Steinberg, Christmas card for Hallmark

Saul Steinberg, Christmas card for Hallmark

Note:  Steinberg's Christmas cards for the Museum of Modern Art and for Hallmark are discussed in a gorgeous post on Aphelis. Aphelis calls itself a text archive, but if Attempted Bloggery were to have a sister blog, Aphelis would have to be it. Go ahead and see why.

Saul Steinberg's artwork is always wildly inventive and compelling. See a few examples here.

Artist's Christmas cards are a favorite topic on the blog as well, even though artists never send them to me.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is. Do you have a copy of the card or the original artwork?

  2. I have 9 original Hallmark Cards. I bought at a Estate Sell and have not been able to find these designs in any pictures. What could they be worth? Any suggestions?

    1. Are they Steinberg designs too? In 2014 I failed to note what these three cards went for on eBay, but I do have some vintage Addams Family Hallmark cards on the blog that sold in the $20-$40 range unused. Mailed cards personalized by the artist would be worth more and cards in poor condition would be worth less. The market is often hard to predict. I should add that if you have Hallmark Cards designed by Steinberg and not reproduced anywhere else, I would love to receive a few scans or photos to post here on the blog.