Monday, October 31, 2022

My Entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #825

I attended the board meeting in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #825 from the issue of October 31, 2022, and I made my contribution. My caption is shown below. The drawing is by Bob Eckstein.

"The first quarter outlook should have us all feeling mushy."

These captions couldn't follow the recipe:

"I'm afraid we need to expand the pie."
"Next year, our health care will be capitated."
"Are you all wearing Old Spice?"

November 7, 2022:  The Finalists

November 14, 2022 Update:
  I voted for the caption from Ottawa. But the one I really like is Bob Eckstein's own caption: “I’m afraid there will be more cuts.”

November 21, 2022 Update:  The Winner


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Fleur's Copy of My Crowd by Charles Addams

To recap: Charles Addams presented his friend Fleur with a copy of Drawn and Quartered, the reissue, in 1970. He included a drawing of the Addams Family's Morticia along with an inscription, in French, alluding to their April picnic in a cemetery.

The same recipient's copy of My Crowd, also inscribed to her in 1970, the year of publication, has a drawing of Wednesday, the daughter of the Addams Family, that refers to the same al fresco graveyard dining experience. Both volumes, and others from Fleur's library, are offered for sale by Meier and Sons Rare Books. This book comes with a card from Addams as well.

New Yorker greeting card with the Addams cover art of February 2, 1957

A letter on a New Yorker card from Charles Addams to Dona—he also sends his affection to Fleur—is amended with a note from "itinerant journalist" Dona to Fleur. The whole thing was apparently passed along to Fleur and is now included in this lot. "Alice" is Alice B. Curr, Addams's dog. "Housewife! Superstar!!" is Barry Humphries's off-Broadway performance as Dame Edna Everage. This reliably dates Addams's letter to the fall of 1977.

"Now kick Daddy good night and run along to bed."                                                             

"This is your room. If you should need anything, just scream."   "Well, here's where I say good night."    

Charles Addams
eBay listing accessed October 29, 2022

Charles Addams
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Regarding Addams's theatergoing:
Two excerpts from the Times review of "Housewife! Superstar!!" relevant to Addams's letter

Note:  What is Fleur's surname? Dona's? Anybody?


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Fleur's Copy of Creature Comforts by Charles Addams

The great cartoon master Charles Addams presented his acquaintance Fleur with a copy of the collection Creature Comforts (1981) enhanced with an original drawing of Uncle Fester. This Flashing Fester—my term—is unusual for the inclusion of the dog, perhaps her greyhound. Items from Fleur's former library are offered by Meier and Sons Rare Books.

Charles Addams
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Charles Addams
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Friday, October 28, 2022

Fleur's Copy of Drawn and Quartered by Charles Addams

In 1970, Charles Addams presented his friend Fleur with a copy of the 1962 reissue of Drawn and Quartered (1942), the cartoonist's first collection. The inscription, written in French, may have been a bit tricky for him but the drawing of Morticia standing in a cemetery certainly was not. Meier and Sons Rare Books has acquired a number of the books and letters received by Fleur from Addams; with such strong examples the bookseller has priced them accordingly.

        "Hey, Pop, that's not a hangman's knot."       "Damnation, Forbes, stop looking at me like that."

"I'm an old man, lads, and about all I have now are my memories."

Charles Addams
eBay listing accessed October 27, 2022

Charles Addams
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Note:  Attempted Bloggery is always on the lookout for books by Charles Addams with outstanding original drawings or inscriptions.