Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blog Index: Four Years Before the Masthead

Four years ago today, being purportedly of sound mind and body, I went ahead and published my first blog post. The enterprise has been going on pretty much daily ever since, with a little time off once in a while to recharge the old batteries. Today Attempted Bloggery has become my main recreational pursuit and my primary creative endeavor. It may seem odd to describe a blog, particularly one such as this, as a creative undertaking when so much that I present here is really the creative work of others. Nevertheless, there are innumerable decisions that have to be made about what to include or omit, what opinions to express or observations to make, and most especially what tone to adopt.

Over the course of more than 1,500 posts, the blog has received nearly 600,000 page views, a big enough number though far from too big. Being able to express myself here on whatever subjects compel me is very gratifying. This blog's main focus has come to be New Yorker artists, although it has never been exclusively so. Having my writing noted, for example, by fellow fans of New Yorker cartoons and even occasionally by New Yorker cartoonists themselves is uniquely fulfilling.

I have always been someone who gets energized and inspired by creative individuals. In the course of writing and researching this blog I have personally come to meet perhaps two dozen very talented people, an unexpected benefit of the efforts I have put into Attempted Bloggery. There are a great many potential rewards like this to be found in blogging, but I was especially cheered by how eloquently Walter Isaacson described this new "social phenomenon" in his book The Innovators. Note that last paragraph in particular:
Walter Isaacson, The Innovators

The artists, writers, and even composers whom I've covered in one way or another have been surprisingly numerous. Here is the latest version of the Attempted Bloggery link index which provides links to those artists and topics which have appeared here in the blog these four years and counting:

The Attempted Bloggery Link Index
"Never index your own book."
--Kurt Vonnegut
Cat's Cradle, 1963
New Yorker Artists

Other Cartoonists, Comic Strip Artists, Comic Book Artists, and Animators


Entertainers and Personalities
Julie Andrews
Lucille Ball
Tony Bennett
Favorite Subjects

Favorite Places
The Seasons


The Attempted Bloggery Centennial Posts
Blog Post No. 100
Blog Post No. 200:  A Shaggy Dog Story

Blog Posts Missing Information (Can you help out, Kind Reader?)
Incomplete publication history

My Social Media
Follow me on Google+.

Other Websites of Interest

June 25, 2016 Update:  This index is no longer being updated. The blog's new fifth anniversary index may be found here.

Note:  There are plenty of topics covered here, right? No, there's nothing yet about pick-up lines, but if you want you can come up and see my etchings.

It was my all-important third anniversary post that finally proclaimed a theme song for this blog. How does it go again?

For my second anniversary post I reveled in not having an editor! Some things never change.

I summed up my entire first year of blogging with one well-chosen cartoon in my first anniversary post. Don't tell me you've forgotten already!

Of course, to tell my story properly, we need to go back to the very beginning. By the beginning, I mean the very first Attempted Bloggery post from four years ago.
 It's a little like looking at my baby pictures.

What? You want more? Some people are never satisfied.


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