Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whitney Darrow Toasts Whitney Darrow

This unsigned piece by Whitney Darrow, Jr. was sold on eBay late in 2013.  Three months earlier it had been part of a larger lot offered in Copake, New York where it was identified as a Darrow self-portrait. It's also quite the fashion statement.

Whitney Darrow, Jr., Self-Portrait

EBay Listing Ended December 29, 2013

EBay Item Description

When this piece was sold earlier in 2013 as part of a lot of some ten or eleven pieces by Darrow and Charles Saxon, it was referred to as a self-portrait although it doesn't look at all like him and he may never had a mustache. The watercolor on the right shows the Central Park Zoo. It is signed and in his signature style.
Copake Auction, Inc., Lot 209 (part), September 21, 2013
$175 hammer price for entire lot

Note:  Now there's more than ever to see by Whitney Darrow, Jr. around the blog.


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