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Whitney Darrow, Jr. for Minute Tapioca

"Who's Having More Fun?" asks this 1951 advertisement for Minute Tapioca. It isn't such an easy question when the Dad gets to fly the kite. This illustration of windy-day fun is by Whitney Darrow, Jr., who scarcely knows how to draw people not having fun.

Whitney Darrow, Jr., 1951 advertisement for Minute Tapioca
"Got an urge to splurge?" asks another ad that also dates from 1951. What does spending money on a new hat have to do with Minute Tapioca, you ask? Good question. Those good folks at General Foods are quick to offer some sound marital advice. Here's how the clever wife of yesteryear ensures that the bills are paid with a smile: "An occasional shopping spree can be good for your soul! Just remember this--feed your husband his favorite dessert and then break the news. He'll be meek as a lamb if you've given him creamy-smooth, super-luscious Minute Tapioca--the real, genuine homemade kind..." Any questions, ladies?
Whitney Darrow, Jr., 1951 advertisement for Minute Tapioca

This one appeared circa the spring of 1951. "The man with the hoe and his assistants break ground for spring planting. The vegetables may never come up, but the gardeners are growing like weeds, and they need plenty of healthful foods, high in nutritive value. So give them delicious milk-and-eggs desserts made with real, genuine Minute tapioca..." That's right, real and genuine.
Whitney Darrow, Jr., Spring1951 advertisement for Minute Tapioca

Whitney Darrow, Jr.,1951 advertisement for Minute Tapioca

Offered strictly as a public service, here's a 1952 ad with a recipe for a tapioca banana split:
Whitney Darrow, Jr., 1952 advertisement for Minute Tapioca, Farm Journal

Note:  More advertising by Whitney Darrow, Jr. may be seen on Christopher Wheeler's website, including one of these vintage ads for Minute Tapioca.

There must be other Darrow ads out there for Minute Tapioca. Let me know if you find any new ones, or better scans of these.

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