Monday, June 1, 2015

Whitney Darrow, Jr.: Tiger Tamer

They're big cats for sure! Illustration House identifies the subject of this drawing by Whitney Darrow, Jr. as a lion tamer, which seems reasonable enough. Still, both big cats are drawn with stripes, and--let's face it--nobody draws a lion with stripes. So let's identify our circus performer as a tiger tamer, and one who is not getting much cooperation.

EBay Listing Ended August 4, 2013

EBay Item Description
EBay Bid History
It was a five day auction, but only the last four seconds mattered.

There were no bids at $149.99.

Note:  If you'd like to see more about Whitney Darrow, Jr., you've come to the right blog.

There just might be some more original cartoon art as well. Who'd have guessed?


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