Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Piano Recital with Whitney Darrow, Jr.

No matter how many piano recitals you've sat through, it's a safe bet you've never attended one quite like this. Whitney Darrow, Jr. dedicates an original drawing in his 1943 collection "You're Sitting on my Eyelashes" to a couple of lucky recipients, Button and Dave. He signed only his first name, so he must have known them pretty well.

Whitney Darrow, Jr. "You're Sitting on my Eyelashes" (1943) inscribed "Best regards to Button + Dave from Whitney"
Ex-collection the Mary Faulconer Estate
Scan courtesy of David from Manhattan

The book was owned by artist Mary Faulconer (1911-2011) and was sold on eBay in 2012.
EBay Listing Ended July 9, 2012

Worthpoint Record of eBay Auction Listing


Note:  If you'd like to know more about Clarence Darrow I can't help you but for Whitney Darrow, Jr. there's plenty just a click away.

I happen to love looking at signed books with original drawings even when they don't have a naked woman reclining on a chandelier. And so does Chris Wheeler, who has collected some wonderful examples on his website. Today is your lucky day, my friend.

How many book drawings did Whitney Darrow create? Does your personal library contain never-before-seen drawings by Darrow or by other New Yorker cartoonists that are crying out to be shared? I am at your service.

My thanks to David from Manhattan for providing this scan, and for all the other images and insights he has passed along.


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