Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Norman Rockwell's Portrait of America

Here's the scenario:  It is a brilliant sunlit morning. We're in the Stars Dining Room of the Chatham Bars Inn. Families are enjoying an outstanding New England buffet breakfast in the well-appointed room. Meanwhile one patron--who happens to be the author of this blog--finds himself standing agape, staring at a painting hanging on the wall. Can that be a Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell, Portrait of America

The painting is framed under glass and I had to photograph it from the side to avoid reflected glare. A professional photographer was somehow able to take the picture head-on.
Norman Rockwell, Portrait of America

Norman Rockwell, Portrait of America

Norman Rockwell, Portrait of America

Note:  I know there aren't a lot of posts about Norman Rockwell on this blog, but what I have I share.

Thankfully there's a bit more here about Cape Cod.


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