Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Cartoon Bank on Main Street

We've all seen the Cartoon Bank's greeting cards and coffee mugs featuring New Yorker cartoons. It's a bit more difficult to come across cocktail napkins and flexible magnets. Yet they are displayed prominently on Main Street in Chatham in a shop called Yankee Ingenuity. Here's a small sampling from my trip last month.

Napkins with New Yorker cartoons by Harry Bliss and Paul Noth

Flexible magnets with New Yorker cartoons by Peter Steiner, Frank Modell, and Bob Mankoff

Flexible magnets with New Yorker cartoons by Liam Francis Walsh and Peter Steiner

Note:  I'm pleased to report that none of these cartoonists are new to the blog. Please enjoy other posts about Harry Bliss, Bob Mankoff, Frank Modell, Paul Noth, Peter Steiner, and Liam Francis Walsh.

While you're at it, see the rest of my Cape Cod vacation photos. I'm sure they're just like your vacation photos.


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