Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bob Staake's Look! Another Book!

"Bob is always happy to sign any of his books that you send to him (and he'll even include an original hand-drawn doodle)."

That's a generous offer indeed, but the prospect of arranging two-way postage can be daunting. Here's a copy of Bob Staake's Look!  Another Book! (2012) that was found on the shelves of a Chatham bookstore. It has an original doodle from the year of publication.

Bob Staake, Look!  Another Book! (2012) signed and dated with a doodle
Bob Staake, Look!  Another Book! (2012)
Bob Staake, Look!  Another Book! (2012) signed and dated with a doodle

Note:  Check out my other blog posts on Bob Staake.

This book was purchased while vacationing in Cape Cod. It isn't all fun and games, people.

Bob Staake's website is Better write that down.

You can see more of Attempted Bloggery's coverage of children's books.

In addition, signed books with original drawings are a specialty of the house. Or blog.


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