Sunday, July 12, 2015

Attempted Blogger

I'm privileged to write this blog, Attempted Bloggery, and to be active on Twitter, but that does not make my Twitter handle Attempted Blogger. That honor goes to someone else, someone unrelated to me or to my blog's activities in the cultural landscape. Attempted Blogger writes about many things, including pizza and pizza box design. The individual is, I believe, Lena Webb, and her blog is called The Lower Crust. She has been on Twitter since April of 2011, a couple of months before this blog was realized, although I can't be sure she used the same name from the start.

I myself don't spend a lot of time on the topic of pizza box design, but as it happens I was recently struck by one particular box and I photographed it for the ages. I don't believe The Lower Crust's readers have seen it yet:
Pizza box

This blog is written under the name of docnad, of course, and my personal Twitter account is @doc_nad. Why the underscore, you ask? Well, the name @docnad on Twitter already has been taken by a generally inactive account started in March 2009 which now has a grand total of five followers and four tweets to its name. So it goes.

Note:  I am present on various social media but I don't necessarily know what to do with them. Far more people follow these accounts than follow my blog. Join them if you must...

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