Monday, July 27, 2015

The Chatham Light and the Orb of Chatham

I take the same basic picture of the Chatham Light on every visit to the Cape. Compare Bob Staake's unique and evocative illustration, full of mystery, contrast, and a strange rolling orb observed by five witnesses one night in 1935...

The Chatham Light
Bob Staake, illustration from The Orb of Chatham (2005)
...and timed its journey to avoid the light.

The illustrations to The Orb of Chatham are hauntingly beautiful. How long do you suppose it took Bob Staake to produce the suite of illustrations for this book? What kind of preparatory work was involved? Watch the video and all will be revealed. Well, not all.

Bob Staake Interview #1 : The Orb of Chatham
By Christopher Seufert

Note:  See the intriguing website for Bob Staake's The Orb of Chatham. What does it all mean?

If you somehow missed them, my previous blog posts about Bob Staake are just a click away.

Even better is Paul Giambarba's post about Bob Staake's New Yorker Covers. You know about the New Yorker work, right?

See any good TV commercials lately? Mike Lynch has a post about Bob Staake's TV commercial for Intel.

Also, I've been sharing my vacation photos from Cape Cod. It seems they've been looking less and less like vacation photos and more and more like everything else I do here.

You'll never guess what's at, not in a million years. Don't even try.

Is The Orb of Chatham really a children's book like all the other children's books on this blog? Then why am I so curious about its secrets?


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