Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Cautionary Reminder from Bob Staake

Bob Staake's Struwwelpeter (2006) is a modern version of Heinrich Hoffmann's 1845 German cautionary children's book. This copy has been signed, inscribed, dated, drawn in, and even clipped by Mr. Staake. The drawing refers to what purportedly happens to children who suck their thumbs. The book was purchased at Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham.

Front free endpaper of Bob Staake's Struwwelpeter (2006) inscribed with a drawing "Remember kids--don't suck your thumbs! Bob Staake 2006 Chatham, Mass"

Note:  Here is the official website for Bob Staake's Struwwelpeter:  The world's most nightmarish children's book. Don't say you weren't warned.

After this, my earlier blog posts on Bob Staake will seem tame.

I have been diligently reporting on my stay in Cape Cod. There's still more to come.

Bob Staake's official website is Me, I wouldn't have guessed.

Did you know this blog has a lot more to say about children's books? I'll bet you did...

If you haven't seen Attempted Bloggery's divers assortment of signed books with original drawings I have just one question for you:  What are you doing with your life?


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