Sunday, July 26, 2015

The First United Methodist Church and the Orb of Chatham

In 1935, a mysterious black orb was seen and independently reported by five isolated witnesses, each of whom later disappeared. The mysterious event is the subject of Bob Staake's picture book The Orb of Chatham (2005). The First United Methodist Church is familiar to all Chatham's visitors. In Mr. Staake's superb book illustration, the orb can be seen floating eerily above the moonlit church.

The First United Methodist Church, Chatham, Massachusetts
Bob Staake, illustration from The Orb of Chatham (2005)

The Orb of Chatham

Note:  Check out the official website for Bob Staake's The Orb of Chatham. See if you can solve the mystery...

What do you know? The blog posts here about Bob Staake are starting to add up.

Ah, summer! See more posts about my vacation in Cape Cod.

Bob Staake's website is I don't get it.

Do you like to read blog posts about children's books? Can you guess why I asked?


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