Monday, July 20, 2015

Whitney Darrow, Jr.: Seeds of Future Delight

Few if any cartoonists were more skilled than Whitney Darrow, Jr. at creating original souvenir drawings in books. He could add color and even verse seemingly with little effort. Here are four such personalized books from the library of Pat Read, Darrow's editor at Random House. The set is currently available on AbeBooks and it can be yours for $4,800, give or take a few nickels.

Set of four cartoon collections by Whitney Darrow, Jr.

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
"You're Sitting on my Eyelashes" (1943) inscribed with two limericks and an original drawing of an African mother and three children with a sign reading "From Whitney, September 26 - '43."
The first stanza:
"I'm giving this book to the Reads
With hopes that the pictures are seeds
Of future delight
Far into the night--
(Which is all that anyone needs)."
Ex-collection Pat Read

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
"Please Pass the Hostess" (1949) with a drawing inscribed "For Pat, Clif and Sheila with Love from Whitney 9/21/49"
Ex-collection Pat Read

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
"Stop, Miss!" (1957) with a watercolor drawing inscribed "Merry Christmas to Pat from Whitney"
Ex-collection Pat Read

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
Give Up? (1966) with a drawing of a woman with a hatpin inscribed "To Pat with Love from Whitney 11/8/66"
Ex-collection Pat Read

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Do you know what Martha Stewart should say about any signed book with an original drawing? She should say it's a good thing.