Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bob Staake's High School Yearbook

It is not unusual for the artwork of budding illustrators to appear in their high school yearbooks. Illustrator Bob Staake, to give an example, illustrated the cover of his class yearbook. It is, on the other hand, probably very unusual to find an illustrator voted by his class most likely to succeed, as Mr. Staake was. That he was in the Cartoonists Club is not a surprise; that he was in the Apathy Club--well, that must have been a joke.

A copy of his high school yearbook has been listed on eBay for the past two years. The volume is marketed to take advantage of Mr. Staake's fame as a New Yorker cover illustrator. The title of the listing specifically mentions his "Obama cover." This was the cover published on November 17, 2008 when Barack Obama had won the Presidential election, making history as the first black man to be elected to America's highest office. Mr. Staake chose to illuminate the Lincoln Memorial and, significantly, the O from the magazine's logo.

Bob Staake, "Reflection"
The New Yorker, November 17, 2008
Most likely to succeed indeed!  Here's the eBay listing:

EBay Listing ended June 26, 2013

EBay Item Description
[End of eBay Listing]

A YouTube video demonstrates Bob Staake illustrating in PhotoShop:
Bob Staake Illustrates in PhotoShop

Note:  You're in luck! This hard-to-find yearbook is still available on eBay.

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Whatever else you need to know about Bob Staake should be available at bobstaake.com,

Cue up the Elgar, don your cap and gown, and check out my other yearbook posts.


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