Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #90

For its 90th contest, Cartoon Collections continues its recent practice of explaining the caption contest cartoon scenario while abandoning its former practice of proofreading: "This week’s cartoon of a business floating in a duck pond comes from Kaamran Haffeez." A business? No one is going to believe that—I'd better include a screen shot.

Sure, I suppose I could have Photoshopped this, but I don't know how to do that and why would I want to anyway? Another thing I don't know how to do is get into the top three of the caption contest. Here are my six entries, which should either double my chances or disqualify me altogether.
"They've finally developed their own decoy."
"Don't be silly. Everyone needs a lawyer."
"Is it rush hour already?"
"I don't see any harm if we aim for the tube."
"It's a good strategy. Let the ducks imprint on him."
"Professionals are ruining the sport."

September 10, 2020 Update:  Oh, the image's jpeg file is labeled Duck-Blind. And the winning caption is...

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