Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Drawing Life with George Booth Kickstarter Reward, Continued

In April of 2019 I became a supporter of the Kickstarter project to fund Drawing Life with George Booth. The documentary film, still in production, is the work of Nathan Fitch with animation by producer Emily Collins. George Booth's cartoons have been gracing the pages of The New Yorker for fifty-one years now. My pledge of $150 comes with the reward of an animation drawing from the production, nicely framed if the photo is any indication. The presumptive delivery date for all the rewards was to be in August 2019. That deadline was missed, as I noted a year ago, and the year since hasn't exactly been ideal for meeting commitments of any sort.

Thus it was no surprise that Mr. Fitch's most recent Kickstarter update, or check-in as he now calls it during the pandemic, reports only limited progress on the film and on the rewards. Here's a brief excerpt, dated August 14, 2020:

I see little reason to doubt that this project will be completed eventually and completed well. There is every reason to expect that the film will be outstanding, especially given its subject. And while I am not yet ready to pronounce judgment on the animation art reward, that is one fine-looking tote bag.

Note:  This Kickstarter project for Drawing Life with George Booth may be found here. The August 14 check-in to which I refer may be read in full here.

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