Friday, September 11, 2020

Helen E. Hokinson's The Ladies, God Bless 'em!

The Ladies, God Bless 'em! was published in 1950, the year after cartoonist Helen E. Hokinson died in a plane crash. She had published three cartoon collections in her lifetime; this is the first of three posthumous collections. Her gag writer James Reid Parker managed the estate. The book includes many of her cartoons from The New Yorker as well as John Mason Brown's tribute to Hokinson first published in the Saturday Review in December of 1949.
"Is there anyone here who knows anything about books?"

All of the drawings were first published in The New Yorker.
John Mason Brown's tribute to the artist first appeared in The Saturday Review of Literature.

"What ever happened to those inexpensive little                          "Is there anyone here who
                           islands off the coast of Spain?"                                     knows anything about books?"          

Facing pages from the book. The wonderful drawing on the right also appears on the dust jacket.

Helen E. Hokinson
eBay listing accessed September 9, 2020

Helen E. Hokinson
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The two autographed books are associated with James Reid Parker. The others, from the same eBay seller, might have come from his library as well.

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