Thursday, September 17, 2020

At the Piano: Stan's Sketchbook Page by William Hamilton

A young woman at the piano is the subject of a sketchbook page by New Yorker cartoonist William Hamilton. The piano has to be taken on faith; it is left out of the drawing. The sketch is inscribed "For Stan with best wishes" and signed by Hamilton with the date June 15, 1991. The sheet has one horizontal fold and two vertical folds, each of which go into the image. Tsk-tsk, Stan.

William Hamilton
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William Hamilton
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Note:  Just on the basis of the two sketchbook pages by William Hamilton that have appeared on this blog to date and another currently on eBay, I am going to go out on a limb (my favorite part of the tree) and state that of all the New Yorker cartoonists I chronicle, he was the most likely to tear a page out of his sketchbook and inscribe it to a stan—sorry, fan. As I have based this sweeping conclusion on an extremely small sample, I invite readers to respond with their own observations. I also invite the submission to the blog of other sketchbook page images by Hamilton or by other New Yorker artists. All sketchbook pages are welcome, but this argument specifically is about pages removed from a sketchbook by the artist, as opposed to by some dealer, and dedicated in writing to a recipient.

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