Sunday, November 3, 2013

Choosing a New Case for my iPhone 5S

I am in the market for an iPhone case. Having lately smashed the screen of my iPhone 4S despite having a reasonable protective case, I recognize the limited ability of a case to protect one's phone. The case I used for my 4S was a gift, albeit an exceedingly apt one. For my iPhone 5S, I am taking on the sole responsibility for the selection. Despite my recent history and ongoing mishaps, I am basing my case purchase primarily on esthetics rather than the ability to safeguard my phone.

I do have a strong preference regarding image orientation. I feel a phone is usually held vertically when in use. Therefore designs with horizontal orientations will be considered only in passing. So, right away, the wonderful case with Figbash by Edward Gorey is eliminated, even though I really admire it.

Edward Gorey, Figbash iPhone Case

A different Edward Gorey iPhone case features a bat in moonlight. It has the preferred vertical orientation, but while I'm sure I'd love this around Halloween, I'm not sure I want it year round.
Edward Gorey, Bat Moon Black iPhone Case

This Disney case with Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice is most similar to the previous iPhone case I had. It is also reasonably priced.
Walt Disney, Sorcerer Mickey Mouse iPhone 5 Case

Deciding among different iterations of the iconic Mickey Mouse is not an easy task. Fortunately, I never get tired of this.
Walt Disney, Colorful Mickey Mouse Icon iPhone 5 Case

Then there's always the classic Mickey.
Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse iPhone 5 Case

Among the New Yorker artists, this English bull terrier by George Booth is superb.
George Booth, English Bull Terrier New Yorker iPhone 5 Case

I wouldn't mind this case depicting Groucho Marx in "Go West." It comes from Hong Kong and is quite inexpensive, so I question whether the company has actually licensed any of the many Western images it reproduces.
Groucho Marx, "Go West"

All right, it's time for me to make a decision. I've already chipped my brand new iPhone and time is of the essence.

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