Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gahan Wilson for the Thurber House

"There she is again!" The overbearing woman of of gigantic proportions originally created by James Thurber now peers onto the porch of Thurber House itself at 77 Jefferson Avenue in Columbus, the former home of Thurber's family. The original illustration by Gahan Wilson mostly is in his own style, but it also echoes one of Thurber's most famous images, that of the house indistinguishable from the imposing woman who dominates it.

Gahan Wilson, "There she is again!"
The Thurber House, 1985


The porch of Thurber House at 77 Jefferson Avenue in Columbus is depicted in the drawing by Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson's drawing for Thurber House is an homage to this famous James Thurber drawing.
James Thurber, The New Yorker, March 23, 1935, page 4
Thanks to Michael Maslin for helpin me locate the first publication of this drawing.

Wilson also created a limited edition print, which alludes to Thurber's classic short story "The Night the Ghost Got In."
Gahan Wilson, "I told you we should never have come to this terrible place!"
The Thurber House, #9 in an edition of 10[?]


The caption


The notorious staircase in Thurber House where the ghost haunted James Thurber's family is depicted in Gahan Wilson's print.
James Thurber's illustration to "The Night the Ghost Got In" inspires Gahan Wilson's print.

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