Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Big Apple Circus: Luminocity

We have attended the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center for years now. On Friday evening we saw this year's show "Luminocity" which has the general theme of a visit to Times Square. I personally don't feel the circus needs to have a unifying New York theme every year, but it generally does and that's just the way it is.

Anyway, it was announced before the performance that flash photography and the recording of videos was prohibited, but intriguingly there was no restriction on the taking of those difficult low-light photos that are so often the bane of my existence. Armed only with my iPhone 5S, I'm not exactly ideally equipped for this activity, although I am I suppose a little better off than I was with the 4S. You will recall that not all that long ago I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 which itself has a great camera, but I could not tolerate it as a phone and couldn't get rid of it soon enough. So, where does that leave us?

The ring

The bandstand

Clown Rob Torres

15-year-old juggler Ty Tojo

Daniel Cyr on the free ladder
Daniel Cyr

Daniel Cyr dismounts


Pierre Ginet tries to flimflam an audience member

The doggies

Mongolian Angels on the trapeze

Mongolian Angels. They were great.

Ringmaster John Kennedy Kane

A real-life proposal finishes off the first act
Jenny Vidbel, equestrian trainer

Spinning a plate with Rob Torres

Husband-and-wife team Duo Guerrero on the high wire

High-energy act Dosov Troupe with the teeterboard. Wow!

Curtain call

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