Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Off Syd Hoff Autograph

Fred is the autograph collector and Syd Hoff is supposedly the cartoonist who signed and drew on a page of his autograph album.

I don't know of any other cartoonists named Hoff, but Syd Hoff's signature usually has a small h, as in the offbeat 1939 magazine cartoon below. He may very well have altered the h of his signature in the autograph drawing to a capital letter H resembling a switch with the on position above and the off position below, that off doubling as the last three letters of his name.

Syd Hoff, "Milton, Come out of that amnesia--I'm Rebecca."
Unknown magazine, May 1939

March 17, 2014 Update:
Here's another Hoff autograph with the unusual capital H. It is from the same autograph dealer, so it may possibly come from the same collection.

Note:  I'd love to hear of any other instance of Syd Hoff signing his name with a capital H. I'd also love to know in what magazine this 1939 cartoon was published. Does anyone out there have a good Syd Hoff archive? Well, there's always the official website

I have one earlier post on Syd Hoff and it's quite painless. See it here.

More autograph album pages may be seen here, including another one from this album signed by Chon Day.


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