Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Al Ross: A Stockholder Motion

This original cartoon by Al Ross depicts an unlikely stockholder proposal at a corporation's annual meeting. The seller states it was published in The New Yorker, something sellers of cartoons are wont to do. I can't verify this by the caption, which doesn't appear at all on my standard searches. The caption has an unceremonious squiggle through it anyway, indicating someone along the line didn't think it was ready to see print. If this cartoon was indeed ever published anywhere, it could just as easily have been with a different caption and that makes a search problematic. Furthermore, the markings and stamps on the back should readily verify whether this piece was actually handled by The New Yorker's editorial department, but the reverse of the artwork hasn't been shown to us by the seller. So to call this a published New Yorker cartoon right now just seems very iffy.

Incidentally, John O'Hara wrote a short humorous piece about owning a horse named Lady Belle which was published in the New Yorker of May 3, 1930 when Al Ross was only 18. Is it possible that some half a century later, Ross recalled this when he needed a name for a horse?

Al Ross, "I make a motion we put it all on Lady Belle in the fifth tomorrow." 

June 23, 2014 Update:  Sold!

Note:  Any information on this piece's publication history would be greatly appreciated.


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