Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #529

Here is my entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #529 for July 11, 2016. The drawing is by David Sipress.

"This is where we'll put the rock wall."

July 25, 2016 Update:  The Finalists

August 1, 2016 Update:  I voted for the third caption.

August 21, 2016 Update:  Winning Caption

Note:  Last week, Drew Dernavich went rogue with the T-square. My caption was way off kilter. You just may find yourself sliding into Contest #528.

See my previous blog posts to learn more about how David Sipress has been taking his art to new heights.



  1. A first for me. The exact caption I submitted is a finalist ("Because it's not there.") I think I submitted on Monday, so Ms. Robinson was even faster.