Thursday, July 7, 2016

Edward Koren's First Book

Do You Want To Talk About It?, published in 1976, was certainly not Edward Koren's first book, but it may have been his first cartoon collection. At any rate, the drawing he made in Dr. David Pearce's copy of the book betrays a real affection for the volume—something which is totally justified.

Edward Koren
Drawing inscribed "My first book" and "For David [Pearce]/Ed Koren"
in a copy of Do You Want To Talk About It? (1976)
Scan courtesy of David from Manhattan

Note:  Where would I be without David from Manhattan? Once again he has scoured the bookstalls of New York and uncovered an absolutely unique copy of a book by Edward Koren with an original drawing. I invite other dedicated bibliophiles in other cities to do the same and send what you've scoured and scanned to me for possible inclusion in a future blog post.

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