Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Edward Koren's Eye Exam, Part 3

Contributor David from Manhattan has somehow unearthed yet a third book with an original drawing of an eye exam by cartoonist Edward Koren. Once again, it comes from the library of New York ophthalmologist David Pearce. The Hard Work of Simple Living was published in 1998 with the subtitle A Somewhat Blank Book for the Sustainable Hedonist. That serious word sustainable has found its way into the drawing of the eye chart. But mightn't the good doctor have preferred his drawing to have the more enjoyable word hedonist instead?

Edward Koren, drawing of an eye exam with the word sustainable on the eye chart
inscribed "For David" above the cat and "For my chum, David/Ed Koren/1998"
in a copy of The Hard Work of Simple Living:
A Somewhat Blank Book for the Sustainable Hedonist

Note:  Thanks once again to David from Manhattan for his continued efforts at finding books with original drawings by Edward Koren. I don't think Sherlock Holmes could have done better.

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