Monday, July 18, 2016

License Plate for the O'Jays?

Just as long as it's groovin'...

Virginia license plate

"I Love Music" (1975)
The O'Jays

Note:  Feel free to forward photos of creative license plates.

New Yorker cartoonist Michael Crawford passed away last week. See Ink Spill's appreciation here
and a cartoonists' remembrance.

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These New Yorker cartoonists passed away since the time I started writing this blog and all of them have been written about here.
Michael Crawford (1941-2016)

Anatol Kovarsky (1919-2016)

Frank Modell (1917-2016)

William Hamilton (1939-2016)

Joseph Farris (1924-2015)

Charles Barsotti (1933-2014)

Ed Fisher (1926-2013)

Ronald Searle (1920-2011)

More license plates

Attempted Bloggery's uber index


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