Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Graham Knuttel at the Hotel Louis Fitzgerald

The Hotel Louis Fitzgerald is located on the outskirts of Dublin. The lobby is decorated with a number of paintings by Graham Knuttel distinctive for their graphic political content. Some of these depict the Taoisigh, or Irish prime ministers, and the hotel's conference rooms are named after these politicians as well. These paintings and others display a striking use of color and convey a keen sense of distrust. They've got some wicked Irish flavor but they're hardly your typical hotel decor.


Aside from the paintings on the walls, the lobby displays a small classic car. Wolseley specialized in sheep shearing machines but also built a popular motorcar. Technology cuts both ways.
1904 Wolseley 6 Horsepower 2 Seater

You might very well expect that a blogger of my stature gets offered backstage passes to Beyoncé concerts all the time, but the sad reality is I hang out in obscure, out-of-the-way hotels and snap pictures of public transportation notices posted at garage elevators.

Note:  So began my six-day trip to Ireland earlier this month. To be continued...

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