Saturday, July 9, 2016

Edward Koren's Sign of the Times

Some serious signage appears in a drawing by Edward Koren on the title page of a book that collects his work for the New Yorker. It comes from the library of the late Dr. David Pearce, a friend of Mr. Koren's according to the inscription.

Edward Koren, drawing of a figure with a sign, inscribed "For David/Your friend/Ed Koren"
in a copy of What About Me?:
  Cartoons from the New Yorker (1989)

Edward Koren, What About Me?:  Cartoons from the New Yorker (1989)

Note:  And what about me? What about a blogger who knows there are thousands and thousands of books out there with original drawings by Edward Koren and other  gifted New Yorker artists that simply will never be seen and enjoyed by the public?  How about if people were to send scans or photos of say even  a fraction of these drawings to this blogger? What then, I ask?

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