Monday, July 11, 2016

Edward Koren's Museum Piece

Who is Paula? Based on an original drawing by Edward Koren in a copy of Quality Time, she may be an artist, a museum curator, even an art restorer. Or she may simply be a fan of the fine arts.

Edward Koren, drawing inscribed "For Paula/with best wishes/Ed Koren"
in a copy of Quality Time: Parenting, Progeny, and Pets, 1995

Edward Koren, Quality Time:  Parenting, Progeny, and Pets, 1995

Note:  Why not spend some quality time with your cartoon books and email me photos or scans any original drawings you come across there by either Edward Koren or perhaps another New Yorker cartoonist. If I may offer a timely slogan, let's make America cartoony again!

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