Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #416

Here is my entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #416 for February 24, 2014. The cartoon is by Danny Shanahan. The caption is mine.
"I'm married to my work."

Hmm. Perhaps these are better ideas:
"Tell him 'No' means no."
"I'm already in love with myself."
"I'm asexual.  Period."
"What part of 'Forget it' doesn't he understand?"

March 3, 2014 Update:  The Finalists

March 17, 2014 Update:  Winning Caption

Note:  I've been following the exploits of Batman for my whole life, since the Dark Knight was called the Caped Crusader. So you would think I would be able to come up with a funny thing for him to say while standing on the 14th Street subway platform, funnier, for example, than a random unrelated comment made by my daughter. But you would be wrong. See what I mean in Contest #415 here.

Cartoonist Danny Shanahan is ultimately responsible for my ever attending an auction of original New Yorker cartoon art and first entering a cartoon caption contest as well. These momentous events are duly recorded in the blog archives here.

Don't miss Danny Shanahan's own website here.


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