Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Yorker Cover Color Separations

A rare and quite possibly unique collection of New Yorker cover color separations dating from the 1950's through part of the 1970's has been offered on eBay. There are a total of 1025 examples, but not all of them are full four-color separations. Six bids were left by a single interested party, but the undisclosed reserve price was not met.

Determining the historical not to mention the monetary value of this collection is not so easy. Color separations were an important part of the printing process with little apparent relevance once the press run was completed. Sure, it might be mildly interesting to compare sequences of color separations, especially against the original artwork, but this latter endeavor would be next to impossible for most of these covers. I'm not aware of a market for this sort of memorabilia, although that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. The seller evidently hopes these will be purchased as substitutes for $125 cover prints from the Condé Nast store, and indeed that might not be such a bad use for them.

Image added April 10, 2014
eBay Bid History
One bidder places six bids but fails to reach the reserve

Image added March 5, 2017

Note:  As part of the New Yorker's print production process, a number of Kodachrome slides of original cover artwork were photographed in-house back in the 1950's for reference. You can see nine of them here.


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