Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saul Steinberg: Wedding Document

From the Bliss Collection comes this very official-looking Wedding Document by Saul Steinberg. Steinberg dated this October 15, 1966. As with any Steinberg document, the writing, the signatures, and the stamps are all indecipherable nonsense, but the overall effect is fancifully plausible and inspired.

Saul Steinberg, Wedding DocumentOctober 15, 1966
Saul Steinberg, Wedding Document (detail)

Saul Steinberg's signature

Saul Steinberg, Wedding Document (large detail), October 15, 1966

March 30, 2014 Update:  This work was formerly with the Adam Baumgold Gallery.

Note:  See more by Saul Steinberg here.


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