Friday, March 7, 2014

Drew Friedman's Old Jewish Comedians

Those familiar with this blog may recall the first opening I ever attended was a Drew Friedman show. Well, I guess I haven't learned my lesson. Last night I went to the opening of "Drew Friedman's Old Jewish Comedians" at the Society of Illustrators. In attendance were an impressive array of old and not-so-old Jewish comedians, titans of illustration, media luminaries, Mad magazine legends, and distinguished graduates of the School of Visual Arts--but by the time I got there they were mostly upstairs at the buffet.

Drew Friedman's small originals reproduce well at poster size. Here's Buddy Hackett all blown up.
The cash bar upstairs was doing a brisk business at the time this photo was taken downstairs.
Drew Friedman, Jack Gilford, 2007
Drew Friedman, The Marx Brothers
A Night at the Opera

Limited edition print, 2012
Drew Friedman, Al Lewis, Original artwork for Old Jewish Comedians
Drew Friedman, Zeppo & Gummo Marx, 2007
Drew Friedman, Henny Youngman, 2007
Henny Youngman, Preliminary pencil artwork
Drew Friedman, Mel Blanc
Original back cover art to Even More Old Jewish Comedians

Drew Friedman, Vernon Dent and the Three Stooges
Original artwork for a limited edition print, 2009
Drew Friedman, Groucho Marx
Book cover art for Raised Eyebrows by Steve Stoliar, 2010

Drew Friedman, Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder
DVD cover art for "The Producers" (2013)
Drew Friedman, Woody Allen
Original artwork for "The Power Geezers"
The New York Observer, 2005
Drew Friedman, Jack Benny, 2007
Jack Benny, Preliminary pencil artwork

Drew Friedman, Soupy Sales, 2007

Drew Friedman, Jackie Mason, 2007

Drew Friedman, Mel Brooks, 2007

Drew Friedman, Jerry Stiller

Drew Friedman, Zero Mostel, 2007

Drew Friedman, Joe E. Ross, 2007
Joe E. Ross, Preliminary pencil artwork

Drew Friedman, Howard Morris
Drew Friedman, Victor Borge
Victor Borge, Preliminary pencil artwork

Drew Friedman, The One... the Only...Groucho!
Limited edition print no. 3/10, 2011

Drew Friedman, Larry Storch, 2007
Larry Storch, Preliminary pencil artwork

Drew Friedman, Phyllis Diller, 2007

Drew Friedman, The Marx Bros.,
Original artwork for Old Jewish Comedians, 2005
Groucho Marx
Preliminary pencil artwork for Old Jewish Comedians

Note:  Earlier blog posts about Drew Friedman may be seen here.


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