Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seth: A Funny Dream

Canadian artist Seth--why Seth? If I had an alliterative name like Gregory Gallant, I wouldn't call myself Seth. All right, sorry for the early digression.

Canadian artist Seth produced this original George Sprott artwork for the New York Times Magazine. It is entitled "A Funny Dream," but that header did not appear in the Sunday Times, perhaps because the word funny is used ironically, and the Times was already calling this feature "The Funny Pages." A different version was created by Seth for Drawn & Quarterly and ultimately the book George Sprott (1894-1975). Seth, as usual, manages to include great emotional complexity in his comic strip subject matter.

Seth (Gregory Gallant), "A Funny Dream,"
Original artwork for "The Funny Pages" in the New York Times Magazine, January 14, 2007.
Chapter 14 of George Sprott (1894-1975) as it appeared in the Times.

Seth (Gregory Gallant), "A Funny Dream"
The New York Times Magazine, January 14, 2007

Seth (Gregory Gallant), "A Funny Dream,"
Original artwork for "The Funny Pages" in the New York Times Magazine, January 14, 2007.
Chapter 14 of George Sprott (1894-1975) as it appeared in the Times.
Seth (Gregory Gallant), "A Funny Dream,"
As it appeared in George Sprott (1894-1975): A Picture Novella.
Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2009.
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Note:  Additional posts about Seth may be seen here.

In the midst of March Madness, some of my readers may be wondering what I have to say about basketball. Well, this is it.


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