Saturday, February 22, 2014

George Price: Before the Rope Broke

This original artwork by cartoonist George Price does not appear to be a stand-alone gag cartoon, but more likely a story illustration. I hope you have enjoyed my recent survey of George Price's original artwork and I promise to continue it at some point in the future, but for now I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you hanging....

George Price, "_he weighed 280 lbs and the rope broke."

Title:  "_he weighed 280 lbs and the rope broke."

George Price's signature

Note:  My series of blog posts on cartoonist George Price may be seen here. With many of his pieces, like this one, I have insufficient publication history and don't even know the auction sale price. As always, I am grateful to anyone who can help out. Auction houses lose interest in a piece once the hammer goes down, but I think it may still be possible to discover a lot of publishing information after the fact. Auction sales prices tend to retreat behind pay walls, but if someone has free and clear access to the information, I'd love to include it here.

As I indicated above, I will be returning to the topic of George Price and his art in the future. I like to use auction house sales because they obtain high-quality images of the original artwork on those rare occasions when it comes to market. I'm just as happy, though, to hear from collectors who have original art that they would like to share here.


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