Monday, February 24, 2014

Ed Koren at Bookstock

In the summer of 2012, long-time Attempted Bloggery reader and contributor David from Manhattan made the considerable drive up to Woodstock, Vermont. He went in order to see New Yorker cartoonist Edward Koren give a presentation at Bookstock. Lucky for us, David snapped a photograph of Mr. Koren during his slideshow. Projected on the screen you can make out a classic New Yorker cartoon by James Thurber. I would love to have heard what Mr. Koren had to say about it.

David also had the foresight to bring along two wonderful cartoon collections that are now sadly out of print. He obtained from the artist an original drawing in each of these books. David has graciously agreed to share all this here. I am especially pleased to present it now, during the week that Mr. Koren is to be appointed Vermont's new Cartoonist Laureate.

Edward Koren at Bookstock on July 28, 2012.
Projected on the wall is James Thurber's famous barking seal cartoon.
Photo by David from Manhattan.

Here is the classic Thurber cartoon that Mr. Koren showed during his slideshow presentation:
James Thurber, "All right, have it your way--you heard a seal bark!"
The New Yorker,
January 30, 1932, page 11

James Thurber, "All right, have it your way--you heard a seal bark!"
The New Yorker,
 January 30, 1932, page 11

David was fortunate to be able to obtain two souvenir drawings from the cartoonist:
Edward Koren. A creature holds up a sign saying "For David."
Inscribed "Best--Ed Koren/Woodstock, Vt. 7/28/12"
in Do You Want to Talk About It? (1976)

Edward Koren. Drawing of the drive up to Vermont.
Inscribed "For David/With appreciation/of your drive north/--July 28, 2012 Ed Koren"
in "Well, There's Your Problem" (1980)

Note:  That's not all! Additional posts about Edward Koren may be found on this very blog here.

Other examples of signed books with original drawings may be seen here.


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