Thursday, February 20, 2014

George Price: Signed at Your Own Risk

A signed cartoon collection by George Price is currently offered on eBay for $75. It's not cheap; my recent survey of auction prices for the artist has his finished drawings selling for as little as $70 or as much as $7,500, quite a range. Also, a signed copy of this book with a small drawing is selling for about ten times this price, which is pretty steep. So while your money may be better spent going after one of Price's less expensive published original drawings at auction, signed copies aren't all that common, and this would be a a very good copy to own.

I'd love to comment on the accompanying letter by the self-proclaimed Chief of the (fictitious) Association of George Price Aficionados, but I'm afraid I can't quite make it out. Dated July 27, 1979, it seems to be presenting a Mr. Monroe with a signed copy of  the book.  "Our records reveal you are the proud possessor of an autographed book of George Price." There's clearly an inside joke here.

George Price, Browse at Your Own Risk, New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1977

George Price's signature
in Browse at Your Own Risk, New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1977

Who wrote this letter from the "Association of George Price Aficionados?"

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