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Vermont Cartoonist Laureate: The Bookish Ed Koren

Today the New Yorker's Edward Koren will be appointed Vermont's second Cartoonist Laureate for a three year term. He succeeds the state's first Cartoonist Laureate James Kochalka. Good move, Vermont.

Reader and contributor David from Manhattan recognized Ed Koren's gifts even before the State of Vermont did. Here he provides Attempted Bloggery with a splendid collection of scans of original drawings made by Mr. Koren in various cartoon books over the years.

We lead off with an unusual 1997 inscription to the family of poet Gregory Orr:
Edward Koren, Country drawing inscribed "Summer 1997/Brookfield/For the Orrs/Risha-Greg-Eliza-Sophie/From the Korens/Curtis-Ben-Ed-Katmandu" in Quality Time: Parenting, Progeny, and Pets. New York: Villard Books, 1995.

Bookseller Image.
Quality Time: Parenting, Progeny, and Pets. New York: Villard Books, 1995. 

Bookseller Image 

Here's an outstanding drawing in "Well, There's Your Problem" (1980):
Edward Koren, Drawing inscribed "For Bob Hemminger from Edward Koren" in "Well, There's Your Problem."  New York:  Pantheon, 1980.

Last, we have four wonderful copies of Caution:  Small Ensembles (1983):
Edward Koren, Drawing inscribed "For Joy Weiner/From Ed Koren" in Caution:  Small Ensembles.  New York:  Pantheon, 1983.

Edward Koren, Drawing of a photographer at the New Yorker.
Inscribed "For Elise/My best/Ed Koren" in
 Caution:  Small Ensembles.  New York:  Pantheon, 1983.

Sabele and Richard Gray were married in 1984. What could bode better for the marriage than this beautiful Koren drawing in a copy of Caution: Small Ensembles (1983)? Unfortunately, findings of the State of New York Division of Tax Appeals regarding personal income taxes for the years 1984 through 1987 and 1992 through 1994 did not go in their favor, and Richard's incarceration (for an unrelated civil contempt charge) was found to be insufficient excuse for his not appearing in tax court, as may be seen here. The couple was divorced in 2003, with a post-judgment stipulation dating to 2005. Litigation regarding Richard's unauthorized exercise of minor children's stock voting rights may be seen here and further Superior Court action regarding child support continued through 2011. The drawing has proved more resilient than the marriage and cannot be faulted for any of this.
Edward Koren, Drawing inscribed "For Sabele [Foster]and Richard [E. Gray]/June 1984/Congratulations--/Edward Koren" in Caution:  Small Ensembles. New York:  Pantheon, 1983.

Edward Koren, Drawing inscribed "For Sarah /Avec amitié/Ed" in Caution:  Small Ensembles.  New York:  Pantheon, 1983.

Note:  See more posts about Vermont Cartoonist Laureate Edward Koren here.

Other fine examples of signed books with original drawings may be seen here.


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