Saturday, February 1, 2014

George Herriman: The Right Size for Ignatz

My third most popular blog post ever presents specialty pieces by George Herriman featuring his iconic Krazy Kat. On January 23, a previously unknown example was sold at Swann Galleries in New York. I have added the new image to the earlier post and I am presenting the full auction listing here.

George Herriman, "If only 'Ignatz' could hendle one that size--Ooy--"
Inscribed "To 'Fred Myer'/who had the nerve to ask for it--/from Geo. Herriman/who had the nerve to give it to him./1933"

Note:  My essential blog post of Krazy Kat Specialty Pieces is on view here and today it's better than ever.

Other posts featuring the comic art of George Herriman may be seen here. They're not too bad either.

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