Friday, April 12, 2019

Saul Steinberg: Café Scene

Saul Steinberg's Café Scene of 1949 is strangely haunting. The three figures inhabit the room but appear unnaturally stiff and isolated from each other. The interior space is rendered in a deliberately subverted perspective. The mirror reflects a separate version of reality which seems to follow its own rules. The art deco jukebox and the table are boldly colored, yet the café seems eerily silent.

Bonhams Paper Jam sale from last month is mystifying in its own way. There is an undisclosed presale estimate and no published sales result. After the sale, the listing quickly vanished from the auction house's website.
Saul Steinberg
Café Scene, 1949
Saul Steinberg
Bonhams New York

Paper Jam
Contemporary Works on Paper
Lot 3, 29 March 2019

Note:  I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of the auction house estimate or the outcome of the sale.

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