Sunday, April 28, 2019

MoCCA Fest 2019: Mark Alan Stamaty's MacDoodle St.

My earliest visits to the annual MoCCA Arts Festival in New York a few years back were largely unplanned. These visits were nevertheless successful because of seemingly chance encounters and random finds, but much of my time was spent trying to orient myself to the vast convention floor filled with unfamiliar work by mostly independent comic artists unknown to me. In succeeding years I've broadened my interests a little and devoted more time to planning which signings and panel discussions I would attend. This year I came both days and attended  a total of five panels. At the top of my agenda for MoCCA Fest 2019 was meeting artist Mark Alan Stamaty and grabbing a copy of the new edition of MacDoodle St. (1980, 2019). I am happy to report my success on both counts.

There's a lot to look at and a lot to like in Stamaty's presentation doodles, if I may call them that. For example, I always want to see what he draws on the neckties.

Note:  Attempted Bloggery seeks images of original art by Mark Alan Stamaty, including interesting souvenir doodles such as this one.

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