Saturday, April 27, 2019

MoCCA Fest 2019: Peter Kuper's Ruins

It's only this past year that I learned what a superb job Peter Kuper does at providing fans with original sketches in his books. Naturally I made it a point to stop by his table at MoCCA Fest 2019. He's a popular guy with many fans both of his graphic novels as well as his MAD magazine Spy vs. Spy work. I think of him more as a New Yorker cartoonist, of course, but he has no books—yet—highlighting this facet of his career. That's no problem as I'm more than happy to acquire a copy of his Eisner Award winning Ruins (2015). Besides, I've been kicking myself for not snatching up a copy at previous MoCCA Fests when it was merely an acclaimed graphic novel but not yet an Eisner winner. To my surprise and amazement, it's still in its first printing!

Note:  It should be obvious that Peter Kuper does a really nice job on these book sketches. Readers lucky enough to have their own original books with drawings by Peter Kuper are invited to submit them for possible inclusion in a future blog post. No need to thank me; it's what I do.

Outstanding acquisitions from MoCCA Fest 2019 in general are also welcome. Submit away!

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