Friday, April 26, 2019

MoCCA Fest 2019: Gary Panter's Songy of Paradise and Dal Tokyo

At the MoCCA Arts Festival 2019 I came across Gary Panter signing copies of his works at the Fantagraphics table. Two of his big books were on hand, and I ended up purchasing both. First was Songy of Paradise (2017), a reimagining of Milton's Paradise Regained, itself based on Jesus' temptations in the desert.
Gary Panter
Songy of Paradise, 2017

I liked the way Panter drew Songy with the vulture—liked it enough to take a chance on a copy of Dal Tokyo (2012). This one takes place on the planet Mars as it is being terraformed by Texan and Japanese workers. Right up my alley…
Gary Panter
Dal Tokyo, 2012

Well, the comics here are a little less coherent than Songy. Still, I think it's great that Panter is so generous in providing sketches to his fans. Ultimately, though, why draw these sketches on patterned endpapers? The drawings would look far better on a plain white sheet. There's a good reason most comic artists place their sketches on clean page surfaces.

Note:  Back at MoCCA Fest 2018, the Fantagraphics table did not stock plastic bags big enough to hold some of the books being sold and the situation this year was no different. Last year I resorted to buying a Society of Illustrators tote bag and I made a note to myself to bring it along with me this year. So in order to prepare for a potential MoCCA Fest buying spree this year, I got out the old tote bag and carefully stowed it in my car. Then I parked my car across town and left the tote bag in it.

Readers with their own original book sketches by Gary Panter, if they're significantly different from the ones already shown here, are invited to submit them for inclusion in a future blog post. On Mars.

Rest assured, my posts about books collected at MoCCA Fest 2019 will continue in the coming days. If you wish to have me consider posting your own acquired books, by all means send along images of them.

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