Thursday, April 18, 2019

MoCCA Fest 2019: Mort Gerberg's Cartooning: The Art and the Business

The MoCCA Arts Festival is an annual two-day convention devoted primarily to independent comics and cartoons. I've attended each year since 2012 with one regrettable exception—2017—and it's taken me all these years to hone my strategy for taking it all in. MoCCA Fest is big: it fills two levels of Metropolitan West, a capacious exhibition space just across the street from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, with panel discussions held throughout the day in two additional conference rooms located offsite at Ink48, a fortuitously-named hotel located at the site of a former print shop two blocks north. This year was especially challenging because so many of the panel discussions were of interest to me on both days. After the Saturday panel covering cartoonist Mort Gerberg's legendary fifty-year career, I met the cartoonist at a signing table with my used copy of Cartooning: The Art and the Business (1989). He seemed surprised to see it, apparently believing he had all the surviving copies in his basement, and he signed it graciously.

Note:  Allowing for the usual digressions to which I have become accustomed, it wilI take at least two weeks to review all the books I obtained at MoCCA Fest 2019. Stick around for the ride.

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